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Teaching Responsibility for decisions

Looking to get a bit of a feel for opinion out there over a difference of opinion between my partner and I.


Our 7 & 1/2 year old daughter left her cardigan at school (for the upteenth time) on thursday. This morning she was getting ready for school and could not find a replacement cardigan. I want to, as much as possible, make her responsible for her own actions so I explained to her it was cold outside and was really looking for her to

She said she did not have another school cardigan clean (which is not true but she couldnt find it at the time) and that 'Miss' wouldnt want her in a non-school cardigan. I left her to it thinking that I want to teach her responsibility for the cardigan so it should be her that faces the choice of 1. going to school in non-school uniform and facing the teacher's ire, 2. Taking the time to find the other cardigan, 3. getting cold on the way to school.


Now - For clarity, the temperature IS cold outside. It is above freezing but only just. With that said she had a winter coat, tights, vest, school polo shirt, school pinafore, etc, on. To my mind she may 'feel' cold without the cardigan but we are not talking 'dangerous' or illness-inducing by ANY stretch of the imagination! (correct me if i am wrong!)


My partner, however, vehemently disagrees with my decision. My partners view is that it was too cold to have her go outside without the cardigan regardless of the circumstances and that it was my responsibility to enforce this.