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Re: My 5 year old daughter will NOT sleep in her own bed... HELP!

Stay firm...Hold your gounds... This is your daughter we are talking about, not your dog. I have been living for 12 years in US now and I still can't understand most parenting technics. We take care of our children the same way we were rised - with love. I have 10 year old dauther and every night I read to her and spend 10 to 30 min after lights go out in her bed. She loves my hugs and I cherish the time we have to cuddle. I only have another probably 2 years to enjoy it, before she starts getting anoyed with everything we (the parents) do. So why not enjoy it. And if she occaisionally wakes up at night, instead of letting her in in our bed (which will roin both of our sleeps), I go with her back to her bed and lai down with her. This has helped her feel much more secure and she sleeps pretty well. My husband does the same with our 8 year-old son. You would think that we are exosted, but unless someone is sick, we actually have very good nights sleep.