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Re: The "talk"...

If a child is old enough to ask a question, (s)he is old enough for an answer.The answer doesn't have to be in detail or elaborate; just give the briefest response and if that isn't enough to satisfy the child (s)he will ask another question.  The next question will give you a clue as to how much more to include in your next answer.  Keep on answering as long as the questions continue.  You will find, in fact, that if you DO make your first response long and involved, the child will generally become impatient and shut you down.


That said, my parents waited far too long for any talk.  When my brother was 9, back in the early '50s, he was called into the principal's office for "making dirty signs."  We were raised in a cocoon and had NO idea there were such things as the "middle finger salute," etc. and his innocent gesture (while picking his nose LOL) got him into hot water because our parents kept us ignorant.  There are MANY aspects to "the talk" and some of those discussions should take place as soon as your child enters the schools system.