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Re: The "talk"...
Our hand was forced with our 8yr old this past summer. He has a couple of boys he plays with who live down the street. They are twins and he has been in school with them since K. He was there one day and one of them looked up porn on the Internet. They have a teenage sister and apparently overhead one of her boyfriends talking about porn. Anyway, they watched multiple videos. He hasn't been allowed at their house since because of the obvious lack of supervision. But obviously this forced us to discuss it. It has been nothing but a problem since. We sat him down and explained how babies are made and about why it's important to wait til you are in a commuted relationship. He thinks its something to joke about. In no way was he mature enough for this talk. We told him he can ask any questions and most of his questions are the same ones over and over and we have gotten to the point where we won't answer the same thing anymore. He has talked about it in front of relatives, even after being told that it is not appropriate to talk about it to everyone. Obviously his grandparents don't want to hear him explain things like that. He is slowly getting better about it but its still something he wants to discuss every day. We have told him not to ask questions when his 3yr old sister is around and he doesn't care. He will ask in front of anyone he wants or just make lewd comments. my advice is to wait if you don't feel they are ready.
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