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Re: I think my son has ADD/ADHD

You need him to get reevaluated by someone that specializes in working with teenagers. I would, however, not go in expecting a specific diagnosis of ADD/ADHD (in fact from your description I don't think that's what his diagnosis would be at all from a professional therapist/ psychologist/ psychiatrist) but instead I would specifically address your concerns, not as a diagnosis but as a general he has these things going on that are disruptive to himself and others. I don't want to put any different diagnoses in this post because I think that it leads us to believe oh, this fits, that fits, OMG I'm an adult living with ADD my entire life when that very well might not be the case. A family doctor isn't the best channel to go through for a diagnosis as well, since they aren't as well versed in the different diagnoses and are more likely to misdiagnose (for example, somewhere around 10% of kids diagnosed with ADHD are later found to be misdiagnosed as teens or adults, and nearly always were diagnosed by their pediatrician). Many of the diagnoses have similar bullet points, but they each have some very different element from the last that not only differentiates it, but may even be exacerbated by treatment for ADHD.