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Re: Bullies at school

This breaks my heart Christine! We had a situation like this and it just wears on children that get bullied.

I did the same thing you did and it continued. I finally started showing up every day at school and not leaving until I got someone who was willing to make some changes.


I asked if the bully could be removed from the classroom and they didn't think that was fair to the bully. I then insisted that my child was moved to another class after talking to my child about it. They decided that wouldn't be best for my child. I am pretty sure I had steam coming out of my ears after hearing that:smileyhappy:


I went on to contact the super as well as the distrct attorney. I said that I would show up to school every day with my child at the start of school. If she was not placed in a new classroom, I would leave with her and continue her education at home. I am not joking when I say it took two full weeks for them to change her classroom. The good news is that as soon as my child was moved, all of her acting out stopped. The bully made my daughter so scared that she pulled her own hair out. The bad news is that the bully never recieved proper punishment, any punishment actually.


I saw the principle before the end of the school year (she loves me.....NOT!) I reminded her that if I was not happy with the teacher and students my children were placed with, I would do the ecact same thing all over again.


That was a very hard year for us. It put so much stress on our family. We live in a smallish community and word got around of what went on and I can't tell you how many people came up to me and said they were happy that I took a stand for what I thought was best for my daughter. One of the office ladies even gave me a card.


Lets put an end to mean kids (and mean parents) Squash it with love I say!