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My daughter is really worrying me
This is going to be a bit of a long story, so please bear with me.

For the past few months, I've been very worried about my daughters current state of mind. (Let's call her Anna)

First of all, Anna is very smart. Smart to the point where school doesn't challenge her. She is very well read, and has torn through my entire library of books. She's also highly artistic and often draws, and her drawings aren't just doodles. They're actual art. She tends to keep her talents to herself, as she has always felt too shy to show her peers. Aside from that, she's always seemed like a normal and happy girl and has her own little circle of friends.

But that all changed when Anna turned seven.

A few days after her birthday, I noticed she became very quiet. She was quiet before, but she legit went silent. I assumed it was nothing at first, but after a week of silence I really began to worry. To make matters worse, I spoke to her teacher and learned she went silent at school as well. She won't even speak to friends.

I noticed after this change she became more reclusive. She stayed in her room more. She attached herself to more books. She's also been playing on my piano on occasion (very well, in fact). I guess she still has some hidden talents even I don't know about...

None of her or my books are anything terrible. She likes the Ender series, Harry potter, stuff like that. Nothing inappropriate. So I don't think her reading material has anything to do with this. I always buy her new books and always ensure they are appropriate. She doesn't draw anything alarming. She's never mentioned any bullying.

She's just stopped.

At first I tried coaxing her into speaking. I would ask her questions. I would ask her if anything was wrong. She just looks at me. I know she comprehends, but she just stops expressing anything. She tends to look solemn whenever I talk, and her eyes have become rather...piercing. I feel like she's looking right through me whenever she looks at me.

After that, I attempted ignoring it. I still instigated conversation but stopped acknowledging the lack of speech. I forced myself to act normal. But she's not responding and I'm going crazy.

She's began writing to me and her teachers for when she needs to communicate, but still won't say a word. She shows very little emotion. She doesn't laugh or smile or even cry anymore.

I've searched the Internet and a few things sound close (autism and progressive mutism seem the closest) but she doesn't seem to really fit into those. The change was so drastic and I have absolutely no clue what triggered it. Her life has always been normal and she and I have always been close. So I truly don't understand this sudden change.

My last hope now is therapy. As much as I hate having to put my little girl through it, I am so afraid she will miss out on so much if I don't help her now.

So are there any parents who have dealt with this? What can I expect? And what can I do to help her?
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