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Re: 7 Year Old Daughter with bad sleeping Habits!! HELP!!

So sorry to hear about your daughter.  My son, now 21 was sick quite a bit when he was smaller, so he would sleep with us.  My husband would not tolerate him being up or coming into our room.  So we did let him sleep with us.  Down the road, finally in his own bed, we used a sleep light with music and sounds.  That would sooth him to sleep.  My younger son, now 15. Not as bad but the music worked for him.  He didn't really sleep with us but a few times.  Both are well adjusted kids.  Both who now both fall asleep to the tv.  (they are old enought to make their own sleep choices now. 

  I would ask Dr though. For awhile my older son also had night terrors.  He has grown out of them