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Re: 7 Year Old Daughter with bad sleeping Habits!! HELP!!

During the summer my 6 year old then 5 was doing the same thing. When she started school she would do it more often. Everytime she got up I just put her right back into her bed, everytime. It got to the point where I bought sleepytime tea, but I didn't ever give it to her. Eventually she started doing it less and less. Now she stays in her bed the whole night. I have to admit that on the weekend she is allowed to sleep with eiither me in my bed, or my mom will fall asleep with her and leave the room once she's out. I think letting her have options on the weekends is okay, it let's her know that if she stays in her bed all week she gets a "free weekend" (friday and saturday night only) to sleep where she wants or have someone sleep with her. It seems to work for us, I hope you can find something that works for you all. Best of luck!