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Re: 7 Year Old Daughter with bad sleeping Habits!! HELP!!

I wouldn't write it off as just a habit.  

I would take a few approaches though:

I would personally let her sleep with me :smileyhappy:  but that's my parenting style in general  -- 3 kids: 21,15,8... all healthy well adjusted & all :smileyhappy: and they were welcome anytime they had "issues" or weren't feeling well or just plain ole wanted to (reading & movie night in mom's room even). 

BUT I would definitely check with her pediatrician too.  See if it may be something physical that's just not obvious.

And maybe talk to her teacher... see if something is going on at school as well.  Something she may be stressing about that the teacher just might be able to pinpoint.

AND last but not least --- a sleep machine on the white noise setting.  I help out in a childcare home & they use it for naps and for their own child and even themselves!  Very very soothing.  It just may do the trick.


I wish you & her well...