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Re: The "talk"...

Jennifer, I totally understand what you're saying.  One way of looking at it, is that you're not taking away anything from your ds as a child.  He will still be a kid, doing all of this normal stuff.  Most 10 year olds are actually not interested in sex or even developmentally sexual.  Girls still have cooties in many cases.  It's about education ( although not teaching through fear).  As parents we won't over-' sexualize' our children by giving correct educational information. Studies show that, by raising children with the correct information, answering their questions when asked ( instead of changing the subject), creating an environement to where the child feels he/she can talk and providing age appropriate information actually delays a child's first time experiance.  What a parent is really doing is educating their child about their body and procreatiion. If a parent can take a more academic view of this whole process, it makes it so much easier.  Imagine if a child had a human anatomy teacher as a parent.  Or a child had a parent who was a dr. that specialized in std's.  Or a child who's parent was a fertility/reproduction specialist. I would think these conversations would naturally come up in the home.  I would think some of these people would enjoy sharing information/edcuation with their children.  There is nothing sexual about education.  That's how I really look at it all.  Education takes a lot of the being curious and needing to look elsewhere ( which many times ends up being inappropriate) for information.  I do believe teaching kids about sex and their bodies, before hititng puberty and all the natrual hormones that kick in, is best. Teens are very different when all their hormones kick.  These conversations take on a whole new face and meaning compared to when a child has been educated in the younger years.  You also get very different questions from a 10 year old compared to a 14 or 15 year old. 2 very different worlds. The older they are the less they want to talk as well, no matter how educational you try to be.  They are easily embarrassed compared to when younger and sex really does have a whole new meaning, and their bodies biologically know it and feel it at that older age. Bottom line is the more educated a child is, the more confident he becomes, the longer he will wait ( typically), the less likey they are to enage in risky behavior and the less likely they are to a pregnant teen.  Of course having a loving, involved supporitve and close family plays a big wonderful role as well. =)