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Re: UTI in daughter
From a mom who is very sensitive herself here are a few recommendations to consider:
- very mild bath soap non parfume like oil of Olay (not dove)
- non scented laundry detergent with non allergens
- cotton panties change daily and after showering every time
- frequently drinking water (70 oz. daily). Consider purchasing a kangen water machine which has helped our digestion and overall health greatly and functions on a PH system you can email me for my water educators contact info at
- drinking cranberry juice 1/2 glass daily or cran-raspberry if too tart
- make sure she can relax when using restroom and that she is not avoiding going due to the association of pain
- increase fiber with fruits with skin on them
- remove gluten from her diet due to additional yeasts
- consider having her see a therapist, hypnotist, tap therapy or meditation to deal with the emotional side and need for the body to relax
- eat one large single serving of a flavored Greek yogurt with probiotics daily
- eat broccoli, pineapple, papaya and other healthy foods that promote digestion or purchase a dietary supplement like papaya enzymes
- use charming strong which does a very clean wipe and make sure she's wiping front to back and ends up clean and dry
- take showers no baths
- try sprinkling panties with powder before bed lightly, I use balmex prevention baby powder
~Best of luck
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