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Re: UTI in daughter
We've dealt with "UTI's" since my daughter was almost 4! She had been potty trained (day and night) for 5 months! Then woke up in screaming pain...all they found was bacteria in urine and said UTI...we've been dealing with symptoms for nearly 2 yrs...accidents during the day, bed wetting every night!! Just recently the urologist concluded that he felt that a bacteria got up in there somehow and it had to be flushed out...she's almost 6 now and I can't get her to drink the recommended amount of water so we can't seem to rid ourselves of this!! The nurse did recently tell me it was not an actual UTI....it was the same bacteria showing up every time and the antibiotics were making it fight stronger! He advised us to not put her on any antibiotic unless absolutely necessary (strep, ect...)...there is a name for this but I can't remember it now..,not sure this is your daughters issue but thought I'd share our story!!
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