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7 Year Old Daughter with bad sleeping Habits!! HELP!!

My 7 year old daughter has developed a "pattern" of some extremely off sleeping habits.   She goes to bed around 8:00pm EST and then proceeds to wake up at approximately 10:30-11:00.   From this point until morning, she is waking every 20-30 minutes, with at certain moments what seem like nightmares and other times, seems as though she has developed a bad habit.   She will not go back to sleep on her own and needs either myself or my husband to be present in her room with her.  Whether that means, laying on her bed, holding her hand and/or patting her back.  When we get up to leave the room, after she has dozed off, she proceeds to only sleep for 20-30 minutes, and come to us and ask us to lay with her.   This makes for an all around broken and horrible night of sleep for all of us.  


We have tried Melatonin, Warm milk, and even a lavender air freshener in her room.  There are a few nights when she has woken up with an accident, but those are getting fewer and far between. 


Any help/advice would be appreciated.   We are on our last rope.