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Should I discipline my child for this?

I have a very uncomfortable story and I really don't know how to handle this at all. Basically, I was out shopping the other day and when I came back I found my 13 year old son had wiped peanut butter all over his balls and anus then he let the dog go wild on him. Besides from the emberessment it was a complete mess. There was peanut butter all over the place. I was overcome by anger more than anything else. Sure I had just picked up another jar of PB, but I didn't know it was being used for that purpose. 


I don't believe in physical punishment, but I know this is not normal behavior and I was thinking I should tell his freinds about it or make him wear a t shirt that says, "I let my dog eat peanut butter off my butt"? Does anyone else have a good suggestion for punishment?