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Re: Does anyone know how to playfully teach your children to clean (their own mess) up?

Hi! I am a mother of 6 and have the perfect solution for you. I struggled for years to get my kids to pick up and got tired of the arguing! In a moment of desperation, I came up with chore charts detailing every step to obtain a clean room! Go to www.iheartchorecharts.blogspot.com and see the awesome charts! Some other fun ways to get your kids to clean are:


Set up the twister mat placing small jobs on many of the dots. Have the kids stand back and throw a beanbag and they run to do the job they landed on, have your child work for the purpose of surprising a family member, Edit a board game with jobs on different spaces and shake the dice or spin your way to cleaning. This works better with smaller jobs. For a quick clean up of the house, put an ice cube in a pan on low and see if the kids can finish their chores before it melts, blindfold your kids and see if they can still clean, have children draw a job out of the hat and have them do that job for the next 20 minutes, pretend to be the health inspector and reward the children if the job is done to your satisfaction, red light/green light cleaning works well too, hide a small object in a messy room. Have the kids clean until they find it.


Overall, the job charts I use are the absolute best and have helped so many moms! Good luck!