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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!

My doctor told me the same thing. Addiction is a addiction and withdrawls are hard on the body. Someone addicted to heroin would never ever be told to quit cold turkey because it could kill them out right, alcohol or any other hard substance, the like. While we might have the will power and go-get-em'ness to quit all at once and deal with the symptoms and side effects of not smoking, the baby essentially comes into existance with the nicotine addiction and a cold turkey withdrawl is harder on the tiny baby body and developing mind than it is on ours. Cold turkey quiting is like all of sudden depriving the LO of something that has been there since it came to be. That is why it's important to wean yourself down. 5 for a couple days, 4 for a couple days 3 then 2 then 1, you get the picture. Then LO has a chance to adjust. The all of a sudden withdrawls from the chemical plus mom's high blood pressuse from her own withdrawl could cause complications, serious ones even. My quit date is the 25th. Good luck to all.