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Pregnant possibly twins!!

So I went in today to confirm my pregnancy. Due to my first pregnancy the doctor said that as soon as I missed my period that I need to make an appointment because he wants to do blood work and make sure everything with this pregnancy is tracked correctly and that there is a better outcome. So I went in this morning thinking that I am going to pee in a cup for them to comfirm the pregnancy and then have blood work done. To my surprise I was taken back and they did an ultrasound which confirmed my pregnancy. The ultrasound tech asked me if there was a history of twins in my family, to which I replied no. So after she got done she asked me if I would like her to explain what she was doing. Being curious I said yes and she showed me the various pictures she took and explained them. Then she came to a picture with 2 oval dark spots on it. I asked what that meant and she said it means that I could possibly have twins but that it could also possibly be a uterine bleed from one egg implanting.  Also the u/s tech has me dated at 6.5 weeks but I am not sure that is possible since my last period was 4.5 weeks ago. So I am extremely excited and a little confused by the dates. I will be going back in on Wednesday to get more blood work to make sure my hormone levels are rising like they should. I am just curious if anyone has had twins or knows someone who has had twins and how early they were able to tell if they were indeed having twins.