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Re: Desperately seeking advice.

I agree with all the ladies to go to your doctor ASAP.  One thing they do mention in the brochure they probably gave you when they put your IUD in is that a lot of pregnancies that do occur while having the IUD can result into a miscarriage once they take out the IUD, but to avoid that or to know exactly the best way to protect yourself and the baby is to go the doctor asap.  I dont agree that you might have a false positive, there are however false negative, but false positives are rear unless you are intaking something that has the "pregnancy" hormones or whatever hormone it is that indicates youre pregnant.  My children are 18 months apart, and my second one was not planned.  I cried, I worried, I screamed, but he was such a blessing in disguise, and my two little ones are best buds, wouldnt trade it for the world!!!