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Re: Young and Terrified

My mom had me on her 18th birthday and she was and IS a fantastic mother :smileyhappy: Like you, she found out she was pregnant at 17 and I happened to be her 18th birthday present. I am 37 now and my mom is still young enough to be a wonderful, active grandparent to my children:smileyhappy: My biological father did not stay in the picture for long, but my mom did have a supportive nana was like a 2nd mother:smileyhappy: AGE alone does not make or break you as a parent. Is their parenting support groups around where you live? Local health units can get you involved in programs and meeting other mothers and mothers to be is very encouraging and they can be a huge support if you are lacking support in other areas. Bing a mom isn't a piece of cake at any age. I NEVER thought I would be doing it again at 37 when my lil darlings are 12 and 10, BUT although I have the insight to know the hard work and sacrafice I can also attest that it is a true labour of LOVE! Good luck and be BRAVE:smileyhappy: Find encouraging people and other moms of any age to surround helps!