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Re: Desperately seeking advice.
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Ok I was kinda in your shoes 4 years ago .. But I was married. We just had our son and was told if we wanted more kids we would have to come back for a another round of fertility treatments. So at his baptism I had my 1st round of seizures. ( have a history of seizures) So the next day we were at my mom's house cleaning up from my son's party from the night before and I had back to back seizures which I normaly dont have so they ran my up to the hosptial by ems .. The drs kept on asking me if I was pregnant I became upset with their questions and signed myself out and went home thinking they were crazy the next day I went to see my neuro dr and he thought I should take a test to be safe . I took 8 of them the all were positive  I did not tell my husband I called my grandma and layed on the floor crying .. My babies were going to be under a year old back to back plus I had 2 older ones too. But now having my daughter who is 10 months younger than my son I would never change a thing .. The only thing I would not do again is not call my husband at work to tell him that we need to talk .. Cause that put pure panic in him.. He thought I was going to leave him with 3 kids .. Boy he was so wrong ... So give your guy a chance he might surprise you.. :smileyhappy: