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Re: 19 weeks with twins, need advice preparing!
While i agree a schedule is key with twins, dont expect or force it from day 1. its important to follow your instincts and tbe babies cues like you would a singleton.
Line up help for your other kids, meals, etc. write down who ypu fed/changed and when or you will forget! take lots of pics because with 2 its a bit of a blur at first.
srt talking about a plan for nigjttime now. are you each taking 1 baby, alernating feedings, one handling the big kids and 1 the babies if yhe bigs arw still waking, one doing a ew hours then switching? make sure your husbamd agrees to a plan and sticks to it. no one but other twin moms will really get it, so find someone with twins you xan talk to
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