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Re: 19 weeks with twins, need advice preparing!
Congratulations on the arrival of your twins. How exciting! Hoping for a safe and healthy delivery. I have fraternal 2 year old twin girls. I just have to say, I love every minute of it. Lots of fun, especially the bond they share. Having a c-section wasn't that bad, and don't feel bad if it comes down to that. Baby B was breech from 6 months on, so I knew a c-section was happening. Getting the twins on a schedule is ideal, like everyone said already.. Even if you have to wake one of them up, it's not a bad thing cause they will get used to waking up together, at least mine did..they will get along and be the best of friends, but of course they bicker like any other siblings.. I'm sure you do this already with your other kids, but take lots of video and pictures.. Pretty much have your camera handy at all times because twins can be funny lol...not going to tell you what to name them but a little advice, they are going to want their own style when they are older and a name says a lot, try to steer clear of names that are similar or names that rhyme.. It's overrated.. I'd say the same thing about outfits, but you are having b/g twins, so that won't be an issue.. I never bought the same outfits for my twins because I thought it was a waste of money. Also take advantage of all the free samples for having multiples.. Certain stores give 10% off for buying 2 of the same baby gear. There are also websites. Google it. Having multiples or free samples for multiples.. You can only do this after they are born cause you need to send a copy of their birth certificates along with a letter you wrote stating you had twins. Huggies does it and so does pampers as well as other companies. I did it back in 2011 when they were born and I got a ton!

Hope this helps:smileyhappy:
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