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31 weeks - please tell me what's going on!

Hey y'all. I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my first baby. A couple of days ago my pelvic bone and hips felt like they were being pulled apart. I could barely walk. 


Most of my pregnancy, baby girl has been extrememly active. The last couple of weeks, I could see her roll across my stomach, and all of her kicks were visible to anyone looking at my belly. After the pain a couple days ago, she stopped moving so much. When I do feel her kick, it either feels padded or like she's kicking her way out. It feels like I'm getting kicked in the crouch from the inside. When she does that, I get a tingly feeling and I feel like pee is just going come out.


Anyways, yesterday, I tried several times, laying on my left side and drinking a soda to get her to start moving like normal. She didn't. She only stirred briefly and then stopped. Last night before bed I started getting a burning sensation across my stomach and then it stopped.


I woke this morning looking like I was 18 weeks pregnant again. I'm tiny!! I can breath again and my bra doesn't feel like it's digging into my stomach anymore when I sit.


It also feels extrememly wet down there. Every time I move, I feel like I'm gonna pee myself.


Please tell me what's going on! Every one I talk to says "Oh, she's fine!" Yes, I know she's fine and healthy, but what is going on with me?


Please help :smileysad: