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Re: Young and Terrified
Unfortunately there are SOOO many young and single moms out there. You are def not alone! There are also a ton of different places and programs that can help you along your journey of your pregnancy and raising your little peanut.
I obviously don't know your parents at all, but if they have cared and loved you for your whole life, they will eventually get on board. I'm sure right now is just a big shock to them. Once they see their grand baby for the first time, they just might have a change of heart. But if they don't, everything will still be okay! Use the resources you have in your area and you will be able to get through this!
Babies are def a challenge but they are such a blessing and just from you seeking advice and being afraid that you might be a "bad mom", def says that you will NOT be a bad mom.
Hang in there sweetie!
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