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Are these BH or should I be concerned?

Not sure what is going on, I am assuming it is normal but I was wondering if anyone else has had these pains. I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my fist child and not dialted as of yet. Today my stomach has been really hard for most of the day. A couple hours ago I started getting sharp pains on the top right side of my stomach. They were not very long so I am not sure what it was. My stomach, for the most part is still really hard, except on the left side, it is a bit squishy. I had another sharp pain on the upper right side again, and now I am feeling a sharp pain on the lower left that seems to be lasting longer. Are these Braxton Hicks or should I be concerned? I also have noticed a decrease in movement over the last couple of days. I am assuming it is becasue he is running out of room, but it is still nerve wracking.