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Pregnant and Almost Done With College

I just want to tel young expecting moms to never give up on your goal of finishing college. I got pregnant with my first son when I was 20 and a sophmore/junior in college. It was very tough for me to stick to college and not give up. I delivered my son during my final week and luckily I was able to take my final online. I took it the day I came home from the hospital because it was the last day I could take it. I do not know how I did it, but I did. My husband was really such a big help. He tried to do what he could to help out when I needed to study. I then took a semester off to spend with my new baby. I am now 21 and a senior in college and my husband and I are expecting our second son. It is not easy trying to focus on school, take care of almost a 2 year old, and be pregnant. Also my husband has custody of his 6 year old. I never have time to myself because I push myself to be the best mother and student I can be. My graduation date is about 7 months away. You can do it too! Don't give up on your goals that you have. Don't give up on college. I want to give up college everyday, but I just tell my self that I am almost done. I am not only doing this for me, but for my family also. It will all be worth it when I am done in about 7 months!