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Re: Can you have a VBAC with twins

It really depends a lot on the hospital you will be giving birth at and the doctor you are using. Our hospital system is extremely VBAC/ VBA2C/ VBA3C friendly, even in the maternal-fetal medicine office. At the same time, the hospital also has a higher c-section rate (around 35%), especially considering the next closest hospital with L&D has a rate around 25%. I think most of this can be attributed, however, to overall hospital staff and departments, and level of care available. The hospital I will deliver at is the only one in our area with level 3 NICU and trauma, so the number of high risk pregnancies at it is much greater than the other nearby hospital, which is level 1 NICU. This might also contribute to a greater openess to VBAC as well, since there is better ability to treat severe complications.