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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!
I quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant! And I smoked a half a pack a day. I knew it was bad for the baby so I quit. The doctor told me it was a good choice. It was hard to quit but every time I wanted one I just rubbed my belly and said the baby is more important. My mom smoked with all 4 of us and drank ALOT of mt. Dew and we all have issues. Anything from asthma, sinus issues, constant headaches, vision issues, and the worst seizures. Yes I know some can be caused from other things but I blame them on her smoking before during and after. I'm now pregnant with my second but I don't think Ill continue to smoke after the baby. But my oldest who is 6 didn't know I smoked till 2yrs ago. I didnt smoke around her or in my vehicle or in my home. Wow this woman is absurd. She probably says it's ok to drink alcohol and do drugs while pregnant! Some people just shouldn't have kids. Smh
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