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Re: I'm 41 and expecting I'm 9 week's no heart beat found yet on ultrasound
Has you had weekly blood draws done? I had pregnancy symptoms and after numerous blood draws and U/S's, blood levels were not increasing & U/S confirmed the inevitable: no heartbeat, non-viable fertilized egg (aka blight ovum). The Dr advised the bad news (fertilized egg attached and did not properly develop, but my body acted as if I were carrying a viable fertilized egg) and recommended a D&C (shorter recovery). My only other option was to wait for my body to abort naturally (longer process and psychologically taxing). After I received the news, I researched the topic endlessly. While some women have had heartbeats show up several weeks after 8-9 weeks, others were in same predicament I was in. I know the news is hard to process (after all, this was my first pregnancy) and devastating, please do your research and come to your own conclusions. I was 37 when this happened. I opted for a D&C. Approximately 1 1/2 years later, I found myself pregnant again and went on to deliver a healthy baby girl. My heart aches for you as I know your concerns & pain. You'll know in your heart what's best for you and your situation. Just remember to take care of yourself.
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