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Re: I'm 41 and expecting I'm 9 week's no heart beat found yet on ultrasound

I am an ultrasound tech at an Ob/Gyn office.  You should be able to see the heartbeat on a transvaginal ultrasound (assuming it's a decent machine) by 6 1/2 weeks gestational age.  And definitely by 7 weeks.  The protocol at our office if the baby is measuring smaller than expected and there is no heartbeat (or if there is a slow heartbeat) is to have the patient return in 7-10 days for a follow up ultrasound.  

You didn't say what your gestational age is...  but let's say you think you are 8 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound shows a 6 week baby with no hearbeat.  There are 2 explanations:  either your dates are off and the baby should grow and have a heartbeat when you return in a week, or the baby has died.  Unfortunately all we can do at that point is to wait and see what things look like in a week.

If you have had 3 ultrasounds and there is no heartbeat, I'm so sorry but that does not sound like good news to me.  But this is a conversation you should be having with your Ob/Gyn or his/her nurse.  They can discuss with you what your options are.  You would not need to have the D&C if you didn't want to (and I'm assuming again that you're less than 8 weeks pregnant), you could wait to let nature run it's course or you could take a medication called cytotech.

I had a loss myself at 12 weeks, and I know how difficult it is.  I chose the D&C.  I am truly sorry I don't have better news, but again, this is definitely a better conversation to have with your doctor than online.  Hang in there, you will get through this.  :smileyhappy: