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Re: I'm 41 and expecting I'm 9 week's no heart beat found yet on ultrasound
Sometimes it is difficult to hear a heartbeat due to the position. I would not get a d and c unless you are sure. Usually they watch the hcg levels to see if they are decreasing. I don't know how far along you are, but have a 3 d ultrasound and size can indicate much, too.
I have waited and let it pass naturally. I have also had a d and c...there was still the nagging feeling of wondering if they were wrong! Your body will expel the baby if it is not viable. If you have lost your baby, cry and mourn and then do something to honor that child. We release balloons with prayers written on them. I talk to my babies on their loss and due dates. My daughter was there when we were at the ultrasound and there was no we talk about her heavenly siblings. Do something constructive...I started a support group in my community and lobbied for better miscarriage and loss resources in the hospital library...even adding an area to their website.
Above all, keep trying. Good luck.
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