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Re: I'm 41 and expecting I'm 9 week's no heart beat found yet on ultrasound
I think like many others that have posted ... I believe you should wait. Just wait it out until your body tells you... Either that it's viable or not. I waited and waited and waited hoping for better results and that my hormone levels were going up. I did start to bleed & cramp. So I just decided to let my body abort the pregnancy naturally. However I bled for a long time and wasn't aborting it I did go in for a d & c and wish I had done it sooner.

All that being said... I truly do hope and pray that this ends up being a beautiful healthy baby for you in 8-9 months! I, as so many other women on here, know that this is a very difficult time you are going through. You have so much support on here from those of us who have been where you are!!!
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