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Re: I'm 41 and expecting I'm 9 week's no heart beat found yet on ultrasound
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This is certainly a disheartening situation. I went in to the dr almost 3 wks ago, thinking I was 8 or so weeks along. During my ultrasound, you could tell my tech was confused. They saw a yolk sac, but that was all, no heartbeat. I went in again 2 wks later (this past monday) due to having spotting. The tech found a yolk sac and fetal pole, but I still was only looking about 6 1/2 wks and no heartbeat. The dr ordered an Hcg blood test and I went back to see him the next day.He came in saying it was a misscarriage and listed my options.  I asked him about the numbers, but he didn't give me the actual result (Im wishing I'd pressed him for the number), just said we should be seeing a heartbeat. I have been waiting all week for something drastic, but have had only light bleeding. I was holding out hope that he was wrong (although he must have put all the info together and it didn't look like a viable pregnancy), but at this point, I am ready for it to be over if the baby is not alive. I think it is too early to do the pills or D&C, what if the heartbeat does appear? I am scheduled for Tuedsay to go back for him to check on things and will ask for an ultrasound (if one isn't ordered), before I will do the pills or D&C, but praying that I need neither. This week has taken a lot of prayer and relying on God as the ultimate decision maker as the giver of life. Hang in there!