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HELP!!! 9 week ultrasound and was told they can't find the baby's heartbeat :-(


          Went in for my first ultrasound today and the ultrasound tech told me that she could not find the baby's heartbeat... but while she was conducting the ultrasound I asked her what the colors were for and she said it was the blood flow. I am confused as to how there can be blood flow and ne heartbeat. I am freaking out a little bit over here!!  Ironically my bestfriend has the same doc and ultrasound tech could not find her babys heartbeat for three straight weeks, she had her daughter in late July... So needless to say I am really confused and torn until my next appointment to see the doctor on Friday.  Any advice or similar experiences would help.  From my understanding the heart starts pumping blood at 6 weeks and I have had no symptoms of having a miscarriage and from what I seen of the ultrasound pictures the baby seems to look more like a baby.