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Ureaplasma&mycroplasma while pregnant
I am 20weeks pregnant. So far everything has been good. My dr. Checked me for any std/infections and my test came back positive for Ureaplasma. The dr. Gave me an antibiotic (ZPack) I took it for 10 days. I got re tested and I still have it. I'm very concerned about my baby. My dr. Doesn't know much about this infection. Every time I ask she just says I'm fine and everything will b ok. But I've done some research and a lot of women that have experienced being pregnant with this infection say VERY negative things. In most cases they gave birth anywhere from 18weeks to 30weeks but in a lot of cases the babies didn't make it for over a week because they wernt developed full term. Or they were fine but they had some sort of handicap. IF ANYONE HAS ANY ADVICE OR HAS ANY KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! I've been stressing out so much I need help, I don't know what to do.
Thank u, ❤Marisa
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