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Water Birth in Chicago

I am planning for water birth in Chicago and due in Jan 2014.I am with North Western Memorial (NWH) till now.Somehow I dont have confidence if they can deal with natural birth with no medication.Shifted to Midwife in NWH and not satisfied much.Always my questions are answered with hurry and one word.It's a baby factory.NWH midwives offer water birth but they dont have seperate rooms and before delivery they will fix tub in the room :smileysad:

Visited West suburban hospital in Oak park.Midwives are really good but the birthing place looks old.After touring lot other hopitals like NWH,UIC,Rushmore & Swedish Covenant....Surely the old carpet smells,old equipment makes me to rethink back if I can stick to West Suburban Hospital.If my insurance can pay for any hospital,why should I comprise for lower facilities.

Liked NWH hospital facilities but C section and medical Intervention looks high here.West Suburban is good but in case water birth opts out for my case then I have to undergo that hospital's old equipment for medical intervention.

UIC,Rushmore,Swedish Covenant dont offer water births.I visited them looking into old reviews but they dont offer any more.Mostly I see old reviews on websites looks like things has changed a lot recently.

Did anyone had water births recently in NWH or West Surban Hospital or any other hospitals.I stay in Chicago downtown.