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Re: im 1cm dialated and 100% thin out when will i be in labor?

cassie is right! I had a friend that was 1cm, 70% at her checkup monday and wednesday her water broke and she had her son. she had a slow labor though.


I was 2 cm and 80% wednesday and had zero contractions or BH contractions the entire time i was pregnant. Except maybe once i had one contraction towards the 39th week.  However,  by sunday, my water broke and had contractions every 3 minutes, and an hour later they were 2.5 mins apart. its hard to say.. I can't believe I dialated and thinned in 4 days time..because I was still at 2-3 cm when i got to the hospital. So its hard to say. I also didn't loose my plug until after my water had broke. Where as my friend had lost hers several weeks before me..

plus my doctor thought i'd go early because at 36 weeks, i was already 50% thinned.. so all of that is really not a good indicator. lol.


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