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first time mom kinda nervous. .please help
So I'm a first time mom i'm 18 weeks and 5 days I haven't felt the baby move and I'm scared my due date is 4 12 ..when do you normally start to feel the baby move ??also I sometime forget that im even pregnant is that normal for a first time mom to feel that way?? Please help im so lost
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Re: first time mom kinda nervous. .please help
I wouldn't be worried yet. With each of my pregnancies I've noticed things sooner. I don't think they've happened sooner than my other pregnancies, I just am aware of what braxton Hicks feel like, the flutters, that when I feel like I have a really bad cold/ itchy throat for a few days it's really gerd, etc and so I'm aware of them sooner. Baby is tiny right now and depending on which way your baby faces and the placenta's position you might not notice flutters unless you drink a ton of juice and lay down for a little and really pay attention to it. I remember during dd1's 20w us she was moving like crazy, kicking the probe and rolling and all sorts of stuff and I couldn't feel any of it.
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