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Re: 15 and maybe pregnant
I had my daughter fresh out of high school. I even attended open campus, which are special classes, in my senior year. Thankfully I was able to get a decent job at an attorney's office and the father and I planned on getting married before the surprise (though it didn't happen until she was almost 2). Now my daughter is five and I have a bachelor's degree that I got in 2.5 years. My husband worked all the time so I had to care for her while I did my school work and a lovely neighbor watched her while I attended classes. I worked really hard for it and now I am under review for jobs at places like the Jones Institute and expecting baby number two. My husband and I are still together and, by the end of December, we will have been together for ten years (married for 4 in July). I worked through everything even despite heart problems and other stressors, but I had to fight. At fifteen, I can guess that you haven't had to fight yet, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible.

A baby is a serious responsibility that, if you choose to keep it, you will have to grow up to raise. It has been a great experience having a daughter when I was still young, but also very challenging. You don't need a support system, but you have to be willing to work without one because this will be hard.

While the words of encouragement from others above are also very true, your friends will also likely desert you because they won't understand why you can no longer drop everything for them. I also wouldn't guarantee that your family will be so supportive (at least mine wasn't but everyone is different). You won't get to go out to bars and get drunk at 21 because, in the back of your mind, you know there is a child that needs you to come home- another thing your friends will not understand. However, at the same time a child is worth every sleepless night and tear (you will cry in frustration eventually!). If you get pregnant and are worried about what other kids think of you, you may not be ready for this kind of commitment, but it is ultimately your decision. Do some research, don't put off anything that can be done today and look out for the future because it's not just yours anymore! If it turns out that you aren't pregnant, you got lucky! Just keep safe and remember that next time may not be so lucky. I hope this bit of wisdom helps and I do wish you all the best, whatever happens.
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