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Re: Midwife?

Our area has a lot of CNM/ARNPs. They all deliver in hospitals but the experience was definitely still different than using an OB. I've seen a CNM for last half of my first pregnancy, and my full second pregnancy and will use the same CNM I used for my second :smileyhappy: IME the CNMs are still less apt to rush towards medication and provide a lot more info on natural treatments than my OB does (the one I used first half of my first pregnancy is technically still my OB since the hospital based nurses have to practice under a doctor even though I've used a CNM for all my OBGYN care for the last three years). They have longer time slots/ lower patient loads than an OB does and also when I planned a natural labor and delivery they were super gung-ho about it and AMAZINGLY supportive in the l&d room. For me, since I have a history of postpartum hemmorrhaging, I need to have access to meds to force my uterus to keep contracting post delivery. I could have a homebirth if I used a CNM/ARNP but unfortunately there aren't any in our area that aren't hospital affiliated. But I feel like it's a good middle ground for someone who wants care that is less invasive, more personal, but to still have the security of a hospital birth too if that is something important to them :smileyhappy: