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Re: Suprise Pregnancy

A great way I told my grandparents was I remembered that my grandma had her "surprise" pregnancy at age 40 as well, and she said right before she found out she was pregnant, a sippy cup was found in her grocery bags.

So, I made copies of my ultrasound picture, placed it in a sippy cup and placed it in a bag and told her there was a gift in there for her and had a framed picture for my grandpa, but they had to open it at the same time because their gifts went together. She opened hers, looked all confused and then at that moment my grandpa jumps up and down and starts hollering and running across the room to hug me and DH lol!! Thats when it clicked for my grandma as well lol.


My suggestion would you could always do something like that. Buy a baby toy, put a ultrasound pic on it and just leave it lying around, or wrap it as a gift and tell him you have a present for him because you love him :smileyhappy: DH is used to me doing that for him so it wouldnt raise eyebrows.. lol But if you did the sippy cup idea, you could wrap it and capture the moment on camera still!

Let us know! :smileyhappy: and



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