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Re: pregnant at 42....with baby #7
Hi. I am 43 and pregnant with my 4th baby. 2 with ex-husband and 1 with another ex-husband. This one is with my boyfriend. It was a very tough road for us. Used IVF bc I couldn't get pregnant on my own. We tried for 6 months. Sounds like you were lucky to get pregnant naturally. My advice to you would be to try and live stress-free through the duration of your pregnancy. Sounds like you at least will have a support system. Unfortunately, I don't have one - I'm doing this on my own. Also, take advantage of all the testing out there. I opted not to undergo an amniocentises due to the danger of miscarriage. There are other non-evasive tests out there which are 99% accurate. Do your research as each state is different. Enjoy this pregnancy! If you ever want to talk - send me an email. :-)
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