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Re: 15 and maybe pregnant
I'm 18 and pregnant right now. Due in December. Fortunately I graduated high school in May. I'm in college now and it's a bit hard but going well. One of my best friends though had a baby early our senior year and she was still able to complete high school at home. She's in college now too, doing well. The hardest part will be maintaining your grades. Just keep telling yourself that dropping out is not an option. Others have done this before you under worse circumstances and still succeeded. You will have to get a job but be sure to have medical insurance that will cover the baby. And make sure your boyfriend gets a job. As far as the rest goes I'm sure your and his patents will be happy to help out a bit once the baby is born. And when it comes to kids at school and what other people think, you'll have to do your best not to worry about it. Your attitude towards how they think can either make you so much stronger or make you bitter and angry. There will be negative comments but keep in mind that they won't be able to begin to understand what you're going through. And it could happen to any of them. You slip up one time and have sex and your life is changed forever. That's no reason for you to be judged. Just don't think on it and know that your better than what they think. You're responsible for going through with the pregnancy, which shows a lot of character. I hope I could help! Praying for you!
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