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Re: 15 and maybe pregnant

Well, unfortunately 15 is an awful young age, in some states, you can start a job at 15, with parental permission and a "work id" (texas had these, not sure about other states.. most states i believe its parental permission). If you are pregnant, my suggestion may seem harsh, but I would own up and take responsibility. Pay for as much as humanly possible for your age. Get a job, continue going to school and finish school so that you can rise above the statistics and provide a brighter future for your child! :smileyhappy: It is possible and you can do it! I was 24 when my daughter was born and I am in college, it is SUPER hard to do schoolwork/homework and take care of a baby...but it IS possible!! It really is! :smileyhappy:

Talk to your parents, talk to your boyfriend and his parents, try to work together for the child..having a great support system is key. But please, try to take responsibility yourselves and dont let the most of the financial burden fall on the parents. it is your child, you will be a parent.. you need to change yourself, and it will happen fast.  I dont want to sound mean here either, but it is the simple truth and im just throwing it out there.. if you are asking the question of "how will I pay for everything?" and "how would I deal with the kids at school?", its a clue that maybe possibly you need to rethink the whole sex thing.. or at least refrain from sex unless you have or can afford to buy some condoms...or get some birth control. You arent mentally ready to handle a childbirth at 15 or 16, you are still a child yourself ( i know that seems harsh to hear, but science is science :smileysad: ) and have alot of life ahead of you before you should be thinking of babies.


Im not sure how you would deal with kids at school.. I was a virgin until i was 20.. by choice :smileyhappy: I guess I would just play it by ear, and try to approach things with a positive attitude and maybe some humor to deflect some negative comments?


You do have other options. the A word is not something i will suggest. But the adoption one I will throw out there.

If you dont feel like you could handle the responsibilities of parenthood , or just feel like you "just arent ready"..thats ok as well. There are many people out there who will be willing to adopt a baby.If you feel like you'll never be able to give the child a good life, adoption is an option. But giving up a baby isnt for everyone, just like parenthood isnt. You will have to have some long heart to heart talks with the boyfriend, your parents, and most importantly, yourself. :smileyhappy: I hope some of that helped.


My next suggestion is to let your parents know whats going on.. then if you arent pregnant, it will be easier to approach the subject of getting on birth control to prevent any further scares like this :smileyhappy: and they may be more open to that idea at that point as well. 

I hope i've helped and not sounded like an old fashioned witch lol :smileyhappy:

let us know and best of luck to you!


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