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Re: no morning sickness @ 11 weeks preg is it normal?
I went for my app @17w4d my gyn did an u/s on a 2D n told me I'm having a bby girl :-( there's no way! My baby is a boy I js knw it. I knw I sound insane bt I wait till birth n I'll let u guys knw lols I asked hm if he was sure abt it, said hs 90% sure! What happened to the rest of the other %?. @ 1st he cudnt get to see the gender coz my bby is a very busy member in there lols we cudnt even get a proper pic coz hs/hr head ws turning all over n the little arms were flying everywhere :-) n he/she kicks with an extra power lols dt must be my boy :-) I love this baby:-) I think hs/shes goin to be an athlete js like mommy :-) if it happens to be a "she" I still love her I think she's an amazing little princess :-)
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