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Re: so sick
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Have you tried any medication yet? A lot of the traditional foods to try never helped me. I haven't been able to TOUCH sardine crackers since my first pregnancy (lol) over three years ago... Then my second ginger ale actually made me more sick. I never had to use zofran or get fluids (I almost had to once with my first pregnancy and second but was then able to get things under control) but I did use OTC unisom tabs and vitamin b6. The b6 actually helps a lot and the unisom also works great. I worked best with my first and now third pregnancy, my second I really should have probably taken zofran. 


It does take some getting used to since naseau medications are also antihistamines and will make you drowsy, so you would want to take it at night at first and see how it helps. It's normal to feel groggy the next few mornings while you take it. The b6 you can take throughout the day (our OB has you start with 25 mg three times a day, and if you are still feeling naseous on the b6 and unisom then they have you double the b6 before trying zofran)


ETA: If you don't feel fine around 13-14 weeks, don't worry about it either. I was sick my entire first pregnancy and violently ill through 28 weeks with my second and it's normal for morning sickness to not go away after the first trimester for some women.