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Re: Childbirth classes - worth it?

I think they were worth the time. However I do think it depends on what you want out of your childbirth. I wanted a med free labor and delivery with both, but the first class I took through the hospital wasn't tailored towards that at all. If you want to go pain med free, and there's one in your area I'd recommend the hypnobabies course. There wasn't a group class near me but they have a home study course that you begin around 32 weeks and it is fully comprehensive, covering child birth, diet, exercise, breastfeeding, etc. It does take a lot of practice but it was totally worth the money (I bought it used but new it is $150 which is a whole lot less than copay for pain meds). It worked really well for me and I had a pain free labor and delivery with my second, even though she was almost 9 lbs and labor was less than 4 hours.