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Re: Is there a "best time" to get pregnant?

I sure didnt.. lol me and DH had a huge arguement about children, I wanted to wait til we were married, and I preferably was done with college in a year, and then our truck would be paid off as well. So we set a wedding date of October 11, 2012 (10/11/12) and then  I stopped birth control  on dec 1,  2011. My doctors all told me that it could be a year before we got PG so i figured "oh heck, if i got pregnant in december or even january of 2012 would be great. so I'd be due in the cooler months." Nope, I was pregnant 45 days later, due October 7th!


Layla arrived october 14th, and we had to move our wedding up to June. I will never, ever be 7-8-9 months pregnant during a florida summer EVER again. It was miserable..

We are planning to "possibly" try again in May, so I'd be due in february /march.. alot cooler here..  I'd say there are "best" times to be pregnant if you live in a hot climate like florida. A winter baby would be great.  If you live in a cool climate, a winter baby would keep you warm. :smileywink:

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