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Re: Just found out I am pregnant with Identicial Twins.

Congratulations!  I had identical twin boys a year ago and during my pregnancy I was just constantly thinking "omg... TWINS.... IDENTICAL TWINS!"  we didn't find out their gender since they were identical they would be the same gender and it was such a fun surprise, despite the big surprise of twins!  I had a pretty good pregnancy, ultrasounds every 2 weeks right up until they were born.  Stay hydrated- you have to drink A LOT of water - more than you think!  My boys came at 34 weeks weighing 4 lbs 3 oz and 4 lbs 13 oz and spent 14 days in the NICU until they could eat all by mouth, gain weight and maintain their own body tempurature.  The biggest advice I will give you is once they come, get them on the same schedule.  Feed them at the same time - if one is hungry and one is sleeping, wake up the sleepy one and feed them both.  Otherwise, you will just feed babies all day every day.  Also, let people come over and lend a hand.  if nothing else but to hold a baby so you can shower or eat or just put on non-pajama clothes, let them help!  I also joined a Mom of Multiples group online for my county and while i don't do all the social things (I want to!) I find the online discussion topics extrememly helpful.  It's a new kind of crazy, being a mom of multiples, but it's really fun and really exciting.  Oh and wherever you go, people will stop you.  Every. Time.  So add about 15 minutes to every place you intend to go :smileyhappy:  Good luck!